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3D Moon Lamp

Light up your room with this unique 3D Moon Lamp. The lamp really looks like the full moon and comes with a fully adjustable LED light.

It can fit in both your hands so you can pretty much say that you’ve got the moon right in your hands. It even has moon craters and rocks that simulate the moon's surface. It casts a soft light that will illuminate your room the way the moon in the sky gives light to the world.

There is no other lamp like this Moon lamp. Add a soothing warm atmosphere at home or at work - makes a great night light too!

Featuring adjustable brightness with NiteCore Extreme allowing you to press until you reach the desired brightness. Perfect for dimming the dining room, living room or the bedroom.

The Two-Color switch can change from white to yellow light to fit every mood.

Depending upon the brightness you choose, the Moon Lamp will illuminate for 6-12 hours. It has a built-in rechargeable battery that you can quickly power-up with the include USB Charging cable. 

Package Includes:
3D Moon Lamp x 1
Charging Cable x 1
Wooden Base x 1