Solar Safety Lights

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Here's the easy and affordable way to light up your doorway, walkways, yard and deck with these Outdoor Solar Powered Safety Lights.

Each light features 10 LED lights giving you super bright light when needed! The dimming mode at night will  automatically activate the bright light mode for 20 seconds whenever motion is detected.

Each light features 8 forward facing LEDs and one LED on each side providing a wide 120 degree light for maximum sight. The upgraded motion sensor works from 39 feet away ensuring they are activated when needed!

A full charge lasts for an amazing 40 hours at dim mode or 250 bright mode activation's! Each Safety light features a high-efficiency photo-voltaic solar panel giving you a full charge even in lesser sun light days.

They are dust proof and water proof with a full IP65 rating so can be used in any weather situation.   


Each light measures(LxHxD): 120mm x 100mm x 44mm / 4.7" x 3.9" x 1.7"

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