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L2-5000. Our best & brightest LED Headlamp!

This fully adjustable 5,000 Lumen headlamp features a lens cap crafted from aluminum alloy for ultimate performance. It is fully adjustable and tilts vertically and zooms telescopically to provide the right light for every need.

Perfect for camping, cycling, evening walks, or even reading in bed.

Featuring 3 modes, High, Low, and Strobe, this headlamp will be perfect for every situation. The L2 lens shines brighter with better focus than older T6 lenses bringing you cutting edge technology in a super bright, light weight format.

We complied a full kit for you including the 5,000 Lumen headlamp, two rechargeable  lithium ion batteries, an AC charger, a car charger, and an USB charger so you will be prepared wherever you go!

We have a limited quantity of these high performance headlamps at this amazing price. So please act now to ensure availability!

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