Clean Paws

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April Shower...Bring Muddy Paws! Here's How To Clean Them The Fast & Mess Free Way!
Simply Plunge & Twist to clean paws! The soft, non-toxic silicone provides a gentle scrubbing of your pets feet in just seconds. 
Fill the cup with clean water, or add a little dish soap for extra muddy situations. Plunge in their paws and twist. The super soft ribbed silicone gently scrubs away mud and dirt leaving your pets feet nice and clean!
Great for large, medium and small dogs as well as cats!

Grab a few today! 
Large Size:
6" High X 3.8" Wide, 15 cm High X 9.8 cm Wide
Small Size:
4.5" High X 3.5" Wide, 11.3 cm High X 9 cm Wide

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