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Qi-X Fast Dual Charge

Wireless Qi-X Dual Phone Charger!

Rapid Wireless Charging For iPhones & Androids

High Performance 7.5 Watts & 10 Watts Fast Charge

Power Up Two Phones At Once
The Qi-X integrated intelligent charger delivers the proper power for your phone. Automatically delivers iPhone 7.5W or Android 10W fast charge to your device.

Charge Two Phones At The Same Time
Quickly charges 2 iPhones, 2 Androids, or 1 of Each. The sleek thin format pad delivers a safe fast charge for all formats.

Charge Thru Your Case
There's no need to remove your case. Our Qi-X Fast Charge delivers a rapid charge from 8 mm away.

Free Yourself From Messy Cords!
Give your home a wireless charging station and free yourself from a tangle of cords everywhere!

Stop fiddling with cords that break! Just drop your phones on the Qi-X mat and fast charge all your phones with ease.

Place wherever you'll use it most! Moisture resistant design makes it perfect for use anywhere.