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Q18 Bluetooth Earbuds

We're proud to introduce the very latest in Bluetooth 5.0 TRUE Wireless Earbuds!

These next generation wireless earbuds feature rich bass tones and crisp highs for an amazing listening experience! 

Plus, they are the easiest to pair with your phone or tablet of any Bluetooth ear buds we've tested! The latest Bluetooth technology allows you to hear phone calls in both ears and speak with the integrated mic.

They give you Active Noise Cancelling technology in a waterproof design. They are extremely lightweight and are super comfortable to wear.

If you already have a pair of wireless earbuds you must try these! And if you don't then get started with the very best in Bluetooth technology!

Now you can experience true wireless sound, the easiest Bluetooth 5.0 pairing technology in a compact, lightweight design. 


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