Cord Keeper XL

The Cord Keeper XL is the perfect travel companion, keeping your cords and other travel essentials protected and organized.

Inside this zippered hard case, you'll find a network of straps, mesh pockets and elastic bands so everything you want to store inside has a place.

If you're someone who travels with (or just owns and wants to organize) a lot of electronic accessories, you need this organizer. Keep all your charging cords, laptop power bricks, adapters, earbuds, spare batteries, flash drives… you can even fit most tablets inside.

Even with all your electronics accessories inside, there's still a large zippered plastic pocket that's perfect for passports, cash, credit cards and event tickets. You can store the Cord Keeper XL inside a backpack or suitcase, or carry it on its own; it includes a nylon handle.

It's not just for electronics, either. Arts and crafts utensils, toiletries, first aid or survival gear… you can organize it all!

- Hard Shell Zippered Case
- Heavy-Duty Construction
- Provides Organization and Protection for Accessories
- 4 Hook-and-Loop Straps
- 4 Elastic Bands
- Medium Elastic Mesh Pocket
- Small Elastic Mesh Pocket
- Large Zippered Mesh Pocket
- XL Zippered Plastic Pocket
- Great for Electronics, Toiletries, Med Kits and more!
- Nylon Carrying Handle
- 10" X 8.5" X 2"